Matthew’s Foods was founded in 1994 and started off as a courier service supplying catering products to the many restaurants and takeaways around Scotland.

After our initial success with the delivery service the decision was made to open a supermarket which would trade in both retail and wholesale goods. This primary store, which would be situated in Glasgow, opened in 1997 and would serve as our head office.

During this time we have not forgotten the business with which we started and thus continue to deliver goods to restaurants and takeaways alike.


Research conducted in and around the Tayside area revealed a market for trade in oriental goods and thus a second store was founded in Dundee in 2001. Due to the smaller city area this store would focus more on retail goods to ensure the store would be viable.

Another four years would follow before expanding the business further north to the city of Aberdeen. This store would again follow the model of our second store and cater to shoppers for domestic use.

And finally our fourth store would be opened in 2009 in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. This expansion into four of Scotland’s major cities has allowed the company to grow and meet the needs of its customer base.